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  Sosyal Sorumluluk

Responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship is inherent to our standards and the manner in which we do business. This enables us to be of added value, in the long term, to our employees, clients and society in general, as well as the environment we form part of. We channel our efforts in the field of social responsibility in the following core areas.


We, as a responsible employer, encourage our people to get involved in social organisations, because we can contribute with our most valuable asset, knowledge.

We do this among other things by means of our sponsorship of Pro Bono Connect. Through Pro Bono Connect we offer free legal advice and assistance to a broad group of social organisations (NGOs) that support the common interest of human rights.


A healthy environment is important to us and to our organisation. We have established a number of initiatives within our company to improve our impact on the environment. This has resulted in a policy that is focused on, amongst others, the reduction of energy and paper usage and the purchase of environmentally-friendly products; we encourage the use of electric cars and we have implemented an ecologically responsible travel policy for all employees.


KS Law offers its employees every possible opportunity to develop, to grow and to be successful. We have, for example, integrated social responsibility in our training courses through the Holland Law School. By doing this, our employees acquire points of reference that help them to develop into competent and socially skilled individuals in society. By way of EY’s “Fit4theJob” programme, we are also able to offer our employees the opportunity to balance work and private life in such a manner that they can function in the best way possible. The creation of a healthy working environment for our employees contributes to the quality of our provision of service.